Dr Niall Winters is an RCUK Academic Fellow at the London Knowledge Lab, Institute of Education, University of London. His main research interest is the the design, development and evaulation of mobile learning applications for use in developing regions. He works in close collaboration with the Royal Veterinary College and the London International Development Centre, investigating how innovations in mHealth can support veterinary training. He has been a recent presenter at Africa Gathering 2009 and Online Educa Berlin 2009, runs a HEIF-funded workshop series on mobile learning for development, and recently co-edited (with Kentaro Toyama, Microsoft Research India) a Special Issue of Information Technologies and International Development (ITID) on HCI and International Development. 


Yishay Mor is currently a PhD student at the Institue of Education and a researcher at the London Knowledge Lab. Yishay holds an MSc in computer science from the Hebrew University, Jerusalem.The current draft of his PhD thesis is available under a creative commons licence at: At the London Knowledge Lab he has previously worked on Planet, CoMo the Pedagogy Planner, Learning Patterns for the design and deployment of mathematical games and WebLabs projects. Together with Carey Jewitt, he facilitated the LKL workshop series on knowledge in social software. Before that he designed and developed web-based network management software for Cisco Systems. His research interests include Programming as a constructionist tool in mathematics and science education, Open Source and education, Web-based systems to support learning communities and Democratic education.


Niall and Yishay have been running participatory design workshops for the past three years, most recently for the Ministry of Education in Singapore to support reflective practice by teachers using new digital interventions in the classroom. With Steven Warburton, this experience forms the basis for their upcoming, co-edited book 'Practical design patterns for teaching and learning with technology'.