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Workshop 4: ICTD 2010

As part of:

Participatory design of mobile learning activities: a workshop for academics from developing regions

December 16 2010, 09.00-17.00

Please note: Attendance at the workshop is free but you must already be registered for the ICTD conference

This workshop will provide an introduction to the use of mobile learning in education. The focus will be on the design of learning activities by participants. Issues addressed will include the role of mobiles in (i) improving access to education and (ii) engaging in new ways of learning. 

The objectives of this workshop are: 
  • To develop participants’ skills in the design of mobile learning activities 
  • To support participants in determining how mobile technologies can be embedded into their existing teaching practices and to understand the potential complexity regarding such appropriation
The workshop will achieve these objectives by following a ‘hands-on’ participatory approach developed by Niall Winters and Yishay Mor. The workshop will be facilitated by Niall Winters. It will provide:

  • An introduction to critical issues in mobile learning
  • Discussion of common problems participants believe the use of mobile devices will help address 
  • Techniques for developing scenarios on the use of mobile devices for learning
  • Production a set of mobile resources, captured online for use by participants in their everyday practice 

Morning session: Participants will describe their learning context (Luckin, 2010), working in small groups to identify key challenges. This will be followed by ʻhands-onʼ use of current mobile applications and a discussion of their potential to support student learning. This is important because critiques of mobile learning have pointed to a lack of understanding of how the social and technical affordances of mobile devices can be leveraged (Roschelle, 2003). Participants will be introduced to concept mapping and visual scenario techniques for activity co-design. 

Afternoon session: Based the process of developing their design, each group will present a poster outlining the ways in which their solution addressed the challenges raised in the morning sessions. The day will end with a discussion of emerging themes and ways forward.