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Workshop 1: Lagos, Feb 2010

Mobile learning for development: A workshop on the design of mobile learning activities

Mobile technologies increasingly support individuals and communities to access information, coordinated action and create and share content. However determining how to support mobile learners in developing regions remains a significant challenge.
This aim of this workshop is to provide participants with the capacity to design their own mobile learning activities. We will make use of existing, freely available resources including Frontline:SMS, Google’s ODK and EpiCollect.


This is a participatory design workshop. The focus is on collaborative reflection on common problems and possible solutions. We will work mainly in small groups, and share our findings both at the event and on-line.

Day 1: See, Share

You will be asked to describe the community and the context that you are designing for or working with, including the technological set-up and the available infrastructure. You share problems you believe the use of mobile devices will help you address and in small groups identify key challenges.

This will be followed by an ‘in-the-round’ presentation of EpiCollect, Frontline:SMS and GoogleODK, where you will speak with existing users and have a ‘hands-on’ experience of using the tools

Day 2: Design, Discuss

You will be introduced to using concept mapping and visual scenario techniques for design
You will work in groups to co-design mobile learning activities using mobile devices. You can use the tools presented earlier (for example, using EpiCollect for a participatory science activity) or not
Based the process of developing your design, each group will present a poster outlining the ways in which their solution addressed the challenges raised in the morning session

The day will end with a discussion of the lessons learnt and the identification of key challenges for the future