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Workshop 3: e-learning Africa 2010

A participatory design workshop on mobile learning for development

Leaders: Niall Winters (LKL), Yishay Mor (LKL) and Caroline Mbindyo (AMREF)

The aim of the workshop is to provide participants with the capacity to design their own mobile learning activities.

You will be asked to describe the community and the context that you are designing for, including the technological set-up and the available infrastructure. During the morning you will introduce yourself, your experience and your personal objectives for the workshop. After the introduction of our design framework, you will work in small groups using concept-mapping techniques to collaboratively produce scenarios on the use of mobile devices for learning. These will be presented back to the whole group and iterated upon, reflecting on the diversity (but also the commonalities) raised within the group. In this way, specific issues of concern will be addressed; concrete examples of similar experiences between participants explored and possible responses discussed. Having done this each group will be well positioned to identify the defining characteristics of their scenarios, which will afford discussion of design solutions.

During the afternoon, you will focus on authoring responses to the identified issues. The aim will be to produce a set of mobile resources of use to practitioners and educators. You will design a resource to address one of the following challenges: (i) how to support the integration of mobiles into practice; (ii) how analysis of mobile data can provide new insights into learning processes; or (iii) the role played by mobiles in personal support and guidance for learners. These designs will be shared in whole group discussion.

Target Audience: This workshop is aimed at development practitioners across the academic, commercial and NGO sectors. The typical participant will be involved, or interested in, the design of mobile activities to support learning and/or training of practitioners working in the field. The workshop has been designed for those at the beginner and intermediate levels.

Prerequisite Knowledge: None required but participants will be asked to submit narrative case stories before the workshop.

As a result of the workshop you will:

  • Understand issues around the use of mobile applications in your practice
  • Develop skills in the design of mobile learning activities
  • Become part of the mobile learning for development network, being established as a result of the workshop
To register for this workshop, please see the eLearning Africa 2010 website.

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