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EpiCollect Field collection of epidemiological data Android + google maps Imperial college  Data collected by multiple field workers can be submitted by phone, together with GPS data, to a common web database and can be displayed and analysed, along with previously collected data, using Google Maps (or Google Earth). 
GeoChat group communications tool SMS / email / web instedd publish / subscribe model: join a team, broadcast messages and receive all messages from team members. 
FrontlineSMS Surveys / campaigns / co-ordinated group action Laptop / PC + optional phone client FrontlineSMS stand-along SMS gateway with open plugin architecture 
Ushahidi crisis mapping web map-based visualisation of information crowdsourced by SMS, web forms, email and twitter 
Kannel Open source SMS gateway Linux 
SMSlib Java library for sending and receiving SMS Java (programming tool) open source project 
RapidSMS SMS gateway Linux server 
ODK Developing data collecting tools for android mobiles  Android mobiles Google 
Nokia LifeTools Knowledge access Nokia phones in India Nokia set of tools for agriculture, commerce, education, and entertainment 
clickatell commercial hosted SMS gateway web-based subscription provision packages of numbers and messages in multiple countries 
ShoZu Send media from phone to multiple social sites most media capable phones commercial subscription service. allows you to post media to photo / video sharing sites, email and blogs. also manages feeds from sites and blogs. 
MoMo Mobile client for Moodle Learning Management System Java enabled phones and 
MLE Mobile learning environment Moodle / standalone PC MyMLE: standalone engine, MLE-Moodle: moodle plugin 
Sana mHealth Android + server "end-to-end system that seamlessly connects health workers to medical professionals" 
Orbot Secure surfing Android Tor project allows mobile phone users to access the web, instant messaging and email without being monitored or blocked by their mobile internet service provider. 
dropbox file / media sharing Android / iPhone / iPad / blackberry powerful, easy to use. 
Showing 16 items