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design narratives

A design narrative is a short case study presented as a structured story, following a single thread of events and focusing on problem-solving.

The design narratives we collect will be showcased at workshops and conferneces, and used as research data for identifying design patterns and principles. The authors retain their rights over their contributions, and will be mentioned where ever these are used.

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Design narratives systematise an innate form of extracting knowledge from experience. They provide a first tier of interpretation by affording rich contextualised descriptions of design experiments.
Design narratives are accounts of critical events from a personal, phenomenological perspective. They focus on design in the sense of problem solving, describing a problem in the chosen domain, the actions taken to resolve it and their unfolding effects. They provide an account of the history and evolution of a design over time, including the research context, the tools and activities designed, and the results of users’ interactions with these. They portray the complete path leading to an educational innovation, not just its final form – including failed attempts and the modifications they espoused.